The werribee Mansion was built in 1874 – 1877.
There’s is 27 style of rooms in the werribee Mansion.
Andrew and Thomas Chirnside built the werribee Mansion.
The werribee Mansion is also referd as the werribee Park.

Names of rooms

-guess bedrooms
-dressing room
-exhibition rooms
-dinning rooms
-morning room
-game room
-servant quarters
-coat room

New inquiry

What foods are the best for a diet?

What yoga stretchers make you more flexible?

What are the best sports to stay fit?

Why does your mind get tricked.

My place 17-2-14
Aboriginal story

Aboriginals gather there own food and water.
Aboriginals make there own spears out of sticks.
Aboriginals paint there body’s when hunting or danceing the paint it make out out white dirt.

How do the aboriginals make the
Spears sharp?

How do they collect water?



What did we do?
We played a game that was about the gold rush.

What did we learn?
I leant what the gold rush means.

What I am wondering?
I wonder what the number one country is that has the most gold.


What did we do?
We watched some videos about the English convicts and about how Australia was found.

What did we learn?
I learnt that there were female convicts in Australia.

What am I wondering?


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